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LIC Premium Collection Centre

Now you can deposit your LIC premiums through Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) premium collection centres at your nearest place. These centres are opened to assist policy holders to pay the premium rapidly and easily. The LIC centres functions around the clock. Premium paid in these centres will be brought by the agents to the LIC Office and paid. Thus the agents act as mobile bankers. Only a dedicated and successful lic agents are given permission to collect the
premiums on behalf of the LIC. Other than LIC Agents, you may also pay your LIC premiums to other Authorized Collection Center.

LIC Premium Payment Options

Payment channels, where policy is required to be registered in the data base at LIC, receipt sent by post:

1. Electronics Clearance System (ECS): This facility is presently available at more than 53 centers. Total places where ECS can be offered as per RBI is 64. Through ECS premium can be collected for ULIP and Health Insurance policies also.

2. Portal Payment Gateway: Online premium payment on LIC website, www.licindia.in with the help of NET Banking facility of 33 major Banks. Premium can be paid for ULIP policies excluding Health Insurance plan, since 01/06/2009. LIC Premium Payment

LIC Jeevan Anurag

It is similar to Jeevan Chhaya plan if it is mixed with Profit Plan, but the advantage is that the minimum term is 5 years whereas in Jeevan Chhaya, minimum term is 18 years. This plan is suitable for person who want to provide funds for children’s education/marriage and other needs. This plan will cater to the needs of wide range of age group of children.


Table 147 & 148 -DEFERRED ANNUITY PLAYS w.e. f    1-2-2002 This  is a with profit pension plan suitable for everyone who wants to provide regular financial security for their family. The Plan is suitable for employees, businessmen & retired persons. CONDITIONS FOR ELIGIBILITY: 1. MIN AGE AT ENTRY                                            :18 YEARS (L.b.d.) 2. MAX AGE AT… Read More »

LIC India Jeevan Akshay-VI-TAble 189

Jeevan Akshay-VI Immediate Annuity Plan w.e.f 10-09-2007 Most suitable plan for retired employees who would like to make one time investment. Also suitable for people who need regular and periodical amount without interrupts (businessmen or professionals). 1. Investment (Single premium) In the beginning made only once . 2. The annuity rates are applicable for new… Read More »

LIC India Fortune Plus Table 187

LIC India Fortune Plus Table 187 W.e.f. 23-08-2007 Highlights of the Fortune Plus plan: 1. No Surrender Charge 2. Option of AB Rider. 3. Freedom to choose Premium. 4. Facility of encasement of units in installments available at Maturity. 5. Easy Liquidity (partial Withdrawal). 6. Unlimited Switches from one Fund to other ( 4 free… Read More »

LIC Jeevan Nidhi Table 169

LIC Jeevan Nidhi w.e.f. 19-11-2004                                            Table -169 General Policy Conditions Min. age at entry 18 yrs (completed) Max. age at Vesting 65 yrs (nbd) Min. age at vesting 40 (lbd) Max. age at vesting 75 (lbd) Min. Determent period 5 yrs (Regular) Min. Determent period 6 yrs (Sing. Prem.) Max. Determent period 35 yrs Min.… Read More »