LIC Bima Account 1

LIC Bima Account 1 is a simple non-linked plan under which you can be covered without undergoing any medical examination. Its a unique plan with Insurance and investment with guaranteed return.

LIC Bima Account 1 features:

  • Simple endowment plan
  • High Liquidity
  • Guaranteed minimum return
  • No medical examination required
  • Transparent charges
  • High Risk cover

Under LIC Bima Account, the premiums paid by you, after deduction of charges, will be credited to the the Bima Account.

LIC Jeevan Bharti- 1 Table-192

Jeevan Bharti 1 Money Back Plan exclusively for ladies having optional riders such as accident benefit rider, Critical Illness benefit rider and congenital disability benefit rider. Jeevan Bharti 1 General policy conditions Min. age at entryMax. age at entry Max. maturity age Terms Allowed Min. S.A Max. S.A S.A in multiples of Modes Allowed Accident… Read More »

LIC New Bima Gold Table 179

LIC New Bima Gold is a regular premium money back plan with return of total premiums in installments at pre-specified intervals with loyalty additions, if any, at maturity and extended free risk cover. W.e.f. 04-09-2006 Requirements for New Bima Gold: Minimum age at entry: 14 years completed. Maximum age at entry: 57/51/45 years (nb) Minimum… Read More »

LIC Bima Bachat Table 175

W.e.f. 14-11-2005. Bima Bachat is a single premium Money back Type Plan.  Survival benefits (15% of SA) are paid at 3rd, 6th, 9th & 12th policy year respectively depending on the policy term. On maturity the single premium paid alongwith Loyalty addition if any will be paid back. General Conditions: Min. age at entry:  15… Read More »

Jeevan Pramukh Table 167

Jeevan Pramukh Table 167is a niche market with profits endowment assurance plan having limited premium paying term with guaranteed additions for the first five years and bonus additions thereafter. General Conditions: Min. age at entry:  18 years completed. Max. age at entry:  65 years (nbd). Min. S.A.: Rs. 10 lakhs. Max. SA.: Any Amount. SA… Read More »

LIC Jeevan Surabhi

Jeevan Surabhi Table-106 (15 Years) 107 (20 years) 108 (25 Years) W.e.f. 19-10-1992 Jeevan Surabhi plan is suitable for professionals & Businessmen as money available periodically. One has to pay premium for 12 years only for a policy of 15 years. Similarly, One has to pay premium for 15 years only for a policy of… Read More »

LIC New Janaraksha Policy Table 91

LIC New Janaraksha Policy Table 91 W.e.f. 01-07-1985 General Conditions: Min. age at entry:  18 years. Max. age at entry:  50 years. Min. S.A.: Rs. 30,000. Max. SA.: Rs 10 lakhs. SA in multiples: Rs. 5,000 Max. Maturity age: 70 years. Modes Allowed: ALL Accident benefit per 1000 SA: Incl. in TP. Min Term: 12… Read More »

LIC Marriage Endowment-Education Annuity Table 90

LIC of India-Marriage Endowment-Education Annuity Table-90 General Conditions: Minimum Term:      5 years Maximum Term:      25 years Min. S.A.:         Rs 50,000 Max. S.A.:         Any amount Min. age at entry:  18 years Max. Age at entry:  60 years Max. Maturity age:  70 years multiples:  Rs 5000 Modes allowed:     All Accident Benefit:  Re. 1 Extra. – Requirements… Read More »

LIC Jeevan Saathi Table 89

LIC Jeevan Saathi Table 89: This is plan for Husband and wife. Single LIC plan for couple. W.e.f. 01-07-1985 ……….General Policy Condition………. Min. age at entry 20 yrs Max. age at entry 50 yrs Max. Maturity age 70 years Min. Term 15 years Max. Term 30 years Accident benefits per 1000 SA Rs. 2 extra… Read More »

LIC Jeevan Mitra

Jeevan Mitra (Double Cover Table 88) & (Triple Cover Table 133): Double Cover(Table 133) = W.e.f. 01-07-1985 Triple Cover  (Table 133) = W.e.f 01-11-1999 General Conditions: Min. age at entry:  18 year. Max. age at entry:  50 years. Min. S.A.: Rs. 50,000. Max. SA.: Any amount. SA in multiples: Rs. 5,000 Max. Maturity age: 70… Read More »