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LIC Premium Collection Centre

Now you can deposit your LIC premiums through Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) premium collection centres at your nearest place. These centres are opened to assist policy holders to pay the premium rapidly and easily. The LIC centres functions around the clock. Premium paid in these centres will be brought by the agents to the LIC Office and paid. Thus the agents act as mobile bankers. Only a dedicated and successful lic agents are given permission to collect the
premiums on behalf of the LIC. Other than LIC Agents, you may also pay your LIC premiums to other Authorized Collection Center.

LIC Bonus Rates

LIC Bonus: As we all are aware that LIC gives bonus on few selected insurance plans. These bonus rates are declared every year and once declared it will be added to your policy. The bonus is payable on maturity.

LIC Jeevan Saathi Table 89

LIC Jeevan Saathi Table 89: This is plan for Husband and wife. Single LIC plan for couple. W.e.f. 01-07-1985 ……….General Policy Condition………. Min. age at entry 20 yrs Max. age at entry 50 yrs Max. Maturity age 70 years Min. Term 15 years Max. Term 30 years Accident benefits per 1000 SA Rs. 2 extra… Read More »

LIC Jeevan Mitra

Jeevan Mitra (Double Cover Table 88) & (Triple Cover Table 133): Double Cover(Table 133) = W.e.f. 01-07-1985 Triple Cover  (Table 133) = W.e.f 01-11-1999 General Conditions: Min. age at entry:  18 year. Max. age at entry:  50 years. Min. S.A.: Rs. 50,000. Max. SA.: Any amount. SA in multiples: Rs. 5,000 Max. Maturity age: 70… Read More »

LIC Group Life insurance plans

LIC offers life insurance protection under group insurance policies to various groups such as employer-employees, professionals, co-operatives, weaker sections of society, etc. LIC provides insurance coverage to people at subsidized rates under Social Security Group Schemes. Besides Providing insurance coverage, Life Insurance corporation also offers group schemes to employees, which provide funding of gratuity, pension… Read More »

Life Insurance Corporation of India

The Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC of India) is the nation builder since its formation in 1956. LIC has invested the funds for the best advantage of the policy holders as well as the community as the whole, true to the spirit of nationalization. National priorities and obligation of reasonable returns to the policyholders… Read More »

LIC Premium Payment Options

Payment channels, where policy is required to be registered in the data base at LIC, receipt sent by post:

1. Electronics Clearance System (ECS): This facility is presently available at more than 53 centers. Total places where ECS can be offered as per RBI is 64. Through ECS premium can be collected for ULIP and Health Insurance policies also.

2. Portal Payment Gateway: Online premium payment on LIC website, with the help of NET Banking facility of 33 major Banks. Premium can be paid for ULIP policies excluding Health Insurance plan, since 01/06/2009. LIC Premium Payment

LIC Jeevan Nidhi Table 169

LIC Jeevan Nidhi w.e.f. 19-11-2004                                            Table -169 General Policy Conditions Min. age at entry 18 yrs (completed) Max. age at Vesting 65 yrs (nbd) Min. age at vesting 40 (lbd) Max. age at vesting 75 (lbd) Min. Determent period 5 yrs (Regular) Min. Determent period 6 yrs (Sing. Prem.) Max. Determent period 35 yrs Min.… Read More »